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Summer is here...and so are new whoopie pie flavors!

May 22, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

We wait all year and its finally here...its summer!  We love the warm temperatures, the time with friends, at the beach, on the boat... or just sitting on the deck!  Its all good!  We love the warm, we love the slowed pace...no more crazy schedule, its time to just take it in.  We grill good food, eat salad and yes...we have whoopie pies!  Its time for picnic food!  We love picnic food!

So, we've made a PICNIC PACK just for you!  Its got some yummy summer flavors all boxed up and ready for your party, your trip on the boat or just a picnic at the park.  Here's whats in the pack:

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE  vanilla cake with strawberry cream
This little number reminds me of all the deliciousness of summer.  

LIMONCELLO  vanilla cake with raspberry jam and Limoncello cream
Raspberry and Limoncello are a match made in heaven, wrap it up with a buttery vanilla 
cake and you've got perfection!

BROMANCE  chocolate chip cake with vanilla cream
This baby is everyone's favorite...chocolate chips and vanilla cream... its summer time in a whoopie pie! 

SMART BLONDE vanilla cake with vanilla cream
This yummy flavor combination sounds like plain jane but believe me...it will be your favorite after the first picnic!

a picnic with whoopie pies

Whoopie! Its official!!! We're moving to an incubator!

July 14, 2016 2 comments Leave a comment

You know when things are good you just want to shout it from the roof tops??  Well, our whoopie pie business has been growing, everything is going well and we are making our way to scale up!  Who knows, maybe one day soon we'll be in a coffee shop near you, you never know!  In an effort to do our best, and to make sure that you are getting our best, we are moving to a food incubator.  What the heck is a food incubator, you ask???  Well, some totally hip, amazingly cool MBA types started a kickstarter to build an awesome food incubator.  Its a place where many small food businesses can share an awesome commercial kitchen that has the best equipment and help each other grow, develop and hit the ground running!  From an 80 quart Hobart mixer to 11 brand spanking new 6 rack baking ovens to a fridge the size of Connecticut, no really, this place is awesome!  Not only will it help us to more efficiently bake an increased number of pies for you but it will help us be inspired to do new and different and MORE fabulous flavor combinations...and better yet, YOU can come, too!  This wonderful place has a tasting room where you can be the first to sample the new flavors we're working on!  Okay, so the good keeps getting better and better!  It won't be opening until August 1 but I promise you pictures of our work in the new digs!  And, if you're anywhere near Portland, come see us in action!  We love whoopie pie fans!!!

So, get your travel plans ready for the destination of deliciousness!!!  72 Parris Street, in Portland, Maine is your next stop!  THE FORK FOOD LAB is getting all set for your visit!


red velvet whoopie pie by cape whoopies

Cape Whoopies attends New England Made Trade Show this weekend! 3/19-3/21

March 17, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

We'll be at the New England Made Trade Show in Portland, Maine, this weekend from Saturday through Monday 3/19-3/21 at the Portland Sports complex, 512 Warren Avenue, Portland, Maine   If you are a shop, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, natural food or grocery store, come visit us at booth #625!  We'll have samples and we'll be ready to set you up for regular deliveries of Cape Whoopies!  Come see us!


new england made product show

St. Patrick's Day!

February 17, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

For this Irish girl this time of year is always FUN!  With that in mind we've got our flavors all set up!  Here's what's baking at Cape Whoopies:

DITZY BRUNETTE: a rich chocolate cake with bourbon cream filling

IRISH CAR BOMB: a rich chocolate cake with Guiness painted on and filled with Bailey's Irish Cream

COCO RUM CRUSH: a vibrant red velvet cake with coconut cream filling

LUCKY TART: a buttery vanilla cake, painted with Jameson whiskey and filled with Hard Cider cream

All this yumminess in one collection is a bit of the blarney!  These are Maine Made: America's Best products but the luck of the Irish will be with you!  If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough, but if not...we've got you covered!  So, get your green on and order up some Irish to make your St. Patricks Day the bomb!

four whoopie pies of assorted flavors

Who makes the best Maine whoopie pies? We do! We're Maine Made and America's Best!

February 08, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

We here at Cape Whoopies are thrilled to have just been named a MAINE MADE: AMERICA'S BEST product.  You'll be seeing the Maine Made logo added to our logo on our packaging in the near future!  To be selected means a great deal to us!   Here is what Maine Made says about the products they select:

Maine's expansive beauty is legendary. Vast forestlands, thousands of miles of beaches, and enough lakes and mountains to lose yourself in for life.

And yet, as anyone who has been here will tell you, Maine's truest character is revealed in the details. Sunlight shafting through a spruce grove. A perfect, round stone on a beach of rugged cliffs. And a people who are resourceful, dependable and inventive.

This combination of pure material and fine detail has long characterized Maine craftsmanship. A tradition of excellence passed down for generations, "Maine Made" is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity.

The unique products featured in this Web Site represent some of the finest craftsmanship available today. Over 2000 Maine companies offer a wealth of items created from wood, granite, field and farm. These products bring a sampling of Maine's rich resources right to your door. Please join us in celebrating these fine traditions. We hope you'll discover the beauty of Maine in all its detail.

As you can see we are incredibly honored to be added to the group!

maine made product

V-Day deliciousness!

January 28, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

Its that time of the year when you tell you BAE she's/he's all that and so much more!  You want your treat to show just how much you care...so give the very best !  We've got you covered!  We love to share the best new, creative flavor combinations of whoopie pies we've got going... so, here are our Valentines Day treats, just for YOU!  

COCO VINO its a chocolate cake filled with red wine and cayenne pepper and its ah-mazing!

TWISTED CINNAMON its a vanilla cake with FIRE bourbon cream filling! Oh, baby, yum!

BROMANCE a chocolate chip cake with our signature vanilla cream filling! This one is always        
                     a favorite!  

RED RIOT a red velvet cake with raspberry jam and coconut cream filling! 

red velvet flavored whoopie pie by cape whoopies

So, this Valentines Day let us take care of all your gift giving...we've got you covered with the BEST!!!

We don't want to say good bye to the summer....

August 25, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

But darling, I promise you this...we'll be back in the fall with all the deliciousness we can muster! Nothing says whoopie pie yumminess like summer picnics, long days at the beach and just sitting on the front porch with a cup of joe and your favorite Cape Whoopies!  But you know what...Fall is a great time to enjoy all the best that Cape Whoopies has to offer!  Once September comes we'll be offering GRANNY'S GONE WILD (Granny Smith apple cakes with chunks of apple and loads of cinnamon and nutmeg, they are filled to overflowing with our signature caramel cream...yes, its to die for!) and then in October we'll offer up your all time favorite...DRUNKEN PUNKIN (this one takes the cake, its a pumpkin spice cake with a cream filling thats made with Amaretto and a hint of nutmeg!  Oh my goodness you're going to want more than one!) So, get your taste buds ready, grab all your favorite people and lets party this fall!  Lets make some whoopie to remember!!!!

And, just cause we're saying good bye to summer, we're giving a 10% discount on every order placed this week (August 25th to September 1st) as long as you email us at marcia@capewhoopie.com and mention "SUMMER SO LONG"! We'll even let you pick 4 flavors to have in your order! We'll make it easy and after we receive your email, we'll call you back to get all your details!

flower blooming with whoopie pies

We're sponsoring Mack Perry and Agony in the Garden (and his dedicated whoopie pie!)

June 09, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

In the course of being in business you bump into people everyday.  Sometimes your encounter teaches you how amazing people can be.  Sometimes it teaches you about generosity and being grateful.  And when that happens, its time to make a statement, to step out and highlight what you've learned, so today Cape Whoopies is proud to sponsor Mack Perry and his awesome music, Agony in the Garden.  Mack is an amazingly talented guy!  He writes all his own music and then plays all the parts, painstakingly layering the music, track by track to make it perfect.  So, you can see his talent is not only in music but in the technical art of putting that very music together.  His music is Alternative rock-Indie and is very popular on Reverbnation.  Take a listen at www.agonyinthegarden.com! Mack has just been endorsed by WT Foster Guitars, which is quite an honor.  He will be doing all their tutorial videos!  He's also putting together a band of equally talented guys for going on tour.  So, stand by for hearing a lot more about Mack Perry!

We are very proud to sponsor Mack Perry and his music.  Our greatest pride comes in calling him, friend.  Join me in our salute to Mack's talent and body of work!  In celebration of his work and our sponsorship we have dedicated a flavor just to Mack... MACK's RasPERRY Red Velvet!  Give it a try in his honor!


Father's Day

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You know Dad, the guy who's always there to save the day.  He knows when you need something special and he always arrives, right on time, with the best stuff!  So, we want to give him some amazingness that will show him just how much we care!  

We've come up with the most delicious flavors to show Dad that he's our hero!!! We've got a dozen of the best gourmet whoopie pies on the planet!  This pack is three of each of the following flavors!

RED RIOT, a red velvet cake with seedless raspberry jam and coconut cream filling

TALL DARK AND HANDSOME, a rich dark chocolate cake filled with chunky crunchy almond cream

BROMANCE, a chocolate chip cake packed with chips and filled with our signature vanilla cream

SOUTHERN COMFORT, a maple cake that's chock full of bacon bits and filled with bourbon cream

Yep, you heard us right, we've added a brand new flavor, just for Dad, he's our hero, after all...it's the least we could do!

So, show Dad what he means to you, make sure he knows he's your hero...give him Cape Whoopies, he'll love you for it!  YOU'RE his hero, too, you know!

assortment of whoopie pies

It's Mother's Day, and Moms love whoopie pies!

April 26, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

You know when it comes to May its always time for Mother's Day!  You know how it is, you want to thank your momma for all she does...she's your greatest cheerleader, your greatest fan and most of all the one that backs you up no matter what comes!  Since she's always telling you that YOU are the most important to her, let's tell her that she's the most important to YOU, too!  That's why we, here at Cape Whoopies, have put together the best combination pack just for MOM!  So, join us in celebrating the best MOM in the world, YOURS, by giving her the Mother's Day Special custom gift!  It's CHOCOLADA (chocolate cakes with coconut cream), LIMONCELLO (vanilla cakes with raspberry jam and Limoncello cream), SMART BLONDE (vanilla cakes with vanilla cream) and YOU MOCHA ME CRAZY (chocolate cakes with Kahlua and espresso cream)  She's gonna LOVE this Mother's Day, almost as much as she LOVES YOU!!!  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

You Mocha Me Crazy Whoopie Pie