Key Bank Features Our Whoopie Pie Small Business in Key Moments

Back in December of 2021, we were so thrilled and lucky to have a very large production team from Key Bank headquarters in Ohio to visit us for a video shoot.  Their goal was to produce a video that would tell the story of growing our whoopie pie small business!

The team included lighting people, cameramen, a director, and even a makeup artist! Our beloved team of whoopettes and our delicious Maine whoopie pies were center stage, just like the true stars that they are.

They promised a longer video eventually, but we've already got a short video to show:


We had so much fun across the 3-day shoot, we just had to share some behind-the-scenes footage. 



As soon as we've got the full length Key Moments video, we'll share it!

Here's where you'll find the article about our business and our Key Bank advisor, Alina:

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