Cape Whoopies Named Amongst Best Whoopie Pies of New England by Boston Globe

Whoopie Pie Press

The people of Boston, Massachusetts are no strangers to whoopie pies, so who better than Boston Globe to name Cape Whoopies amongst the best whoopie pies of New England!  Globe Correspondents, Diane Bair and Pamela Wright looked wide and far to research the top whoopie pie makers around, and we're honored that our Maine desserts made the cut.

Now these are some fancy-schmancy whoopies. This bakery-café uses Bensdorp cocoa from Holland and Madagascar bourbon vanilla paste to make their luscious treats, sold at their own shop along with Wegman’s supermarkets in Massachusetts and some Whole Foods stores. “We have an eye for less sugar and more flavor, perfectly balancing the flavors of fillings and cakes, and we never use shortening,” says owner Marcia Wiggins. “You will see the difference when you take the first bite.” No lie; these aren’t cloying sweet, they’re just right. -Boston Globe

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!  We're happy to be known for our high quality ingredients, rich flavors, and understated sweetness.

If you live in Massachusetts (or Pennsylvania), you can find our whoopie pies in the bakery section of your local Wegman's.  For everyone else, our gourmet treats ship nationwide by the dozen and half dozen from!

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