Whoopie Pie Testimonials

I got this whoopie pie in my Amazon Surprise Sweet Box. It was beyond delicious. The cookie was soft, but didn't crumble. The vanilla bean frosting was spot on. Not too sweet, just perfect. I didn't know it had a fudge layer and was pleasantly surprised. It was a wonderful compliment. It was that extra little bit that every whoopie pie should have. When I was done, I was completely satisfied! I definitely want to try more and would highly recommend Cape Whoopie Pies. I am so glad they are apart of the Surprise boxes BC I would not have heard of them otherwise.

TC Ridge
after purchasing on the Prime Surprise Sweets dash button, Amazon.com
February 19, 2017


 Hi Marcia!

I saved the last Maine-iac for my middle son & just gave it to him on his way to work today.  He ate 3 Maine-iacs. I had 2 or 3 and my youngest son ate the rest.
We are all maniacs over your Maine-iacs! Love 'em!
We rate Cape Whoopies a 10 on a 10-point scale. The reason - you're The Best!
We also appreciate the great customer service! 
Hugs & smiles for you!
Tom Domalesky
March 28, 2016
I usually don't take time to write reviews -- but I couldn't neglect commenting on how delighted I am with Cape Woopies customer service!
On a tight deadline & needing my purchase shipped to Alaska before Christmas, Marcia rush delivered my purchase & waived the $20 fee incurred rather than see her delicious Cape Whoopies arrive late!  You've won a loyal customer for life!  Thanks Marcia!
James Knight
December 23rd, 2015


dozen box of whoopie pies from cape whoopies


Our friend, Megan Williams wrote a great review we wanted to share!

The Cape Whoopie experience is an event unto itself, but I’m a foodie, so I’m going to start with what matters most.

 These pies are sweets done right. I can’t explain how many cupcakes, doughnuts, and other small treats have left me disappointed by being overly sweet, dry, processed-tasting, or overbearing. Cape Whoopie’s pies are well-thought-out, and beautifully balanced…a solid, but light cake against airy icing. An understated but prominent cookie against clean and direct icing flavors…and chocolate that plays perfectly between bitter, sweet, and savory (if you like chocolate, you NEED Brit’s Fav in your life. Need.)

 The pies alone were worth the purchase, but the customer service is literally some of the best I’ve experienced EVER. Marcia is the rare type of business owner who “walks” her product from her kitchen to your home, even if you’re miles away. Food is expression and Marcia’s message of a beautiful dessert treat experience was apparent from my first interaction with her through her follow-up. I’m normally a “food only” kind of person who dismisses ambiance and service, but this stood out to me…it’s that big a deal.

 So yes…place an order for your favorite cake-lover’s birthday, a holiday, or even corporate gifts (that’s what I’m going to be doing). You’ll want these whoopie pies, and the experience with Marcia to be a regular part of your life.

 Oh! And if you’ve never had a whoopie, do it. They blow cupcakes out of the water.


Megan Williams
August 7, 2015


Mike Galante writes a blog about Cape Whoopies!  We love the whoopie love!



"Thank you so much for the most delicious of surprises! I ran gleefully to the kitchen as soon as I saw the whoopie pie sticker on the box...and Barry was hot on my heels. We have already devoured 2 of them with no plans to share! (Kate)

 MaryLou, you should have heard Kate when she discovered the box and that it was whoopee pies. Pure joy and astonishment.(Barry)
 I bragged to everyone that today was my New England day--cool weather and whoopie pies! (Kate)
 Choc salted caramel all the way for me!!" (Kate)
Kate and Barry Sawicki
September 24, 2014

"I got my whoopie pies yesterday and they are the bomb dot com. Very gourmet. Thank you. "

 Monica Key

September 19, 2014


Our experience with Cape Whoopies has been fantastic. Besides the amazing tasting Whoopies their customer service is the best around. We had a problem with our order due to a Fed- Ex problem. Cape Whoopies fixed the issue immediately and shipped out a replacement order with a smile on their face. In today’s world it’s hard to find a company that exhibits this perfection of customer service. I will always be a customer. Thanks Cape Whoopies


John M. Weber

August 18, 2014


Hi Marcia, 

Thanks so much for sending the samples. They were AMAZING. 
Once we find out how many people RSVP we will have a final number but as of now I think we will be going with 75 Pumpkin and Vanilla and 75 Granny Smith. 
Also, since the Chocolate and Peanut Butter ones were so amazing we are going to have to order some of those and be selfish with those for ourselves!
I believe you said you need a week lead time for them? We asked for our RSVPs back by September 3rd so I'm sure we will have a number around that time.
Mike & Corin
August 14, 2014

Hi Marcia
I got the whoopies today and they are absolutely perfectly delicious!

 Cynthia Saunders

August 13, 2014


Hi Marcia!

Cynthia was nice enough to share a whoopie pie with me just now, and it is so divinely delicious that I just HAVE to place an order for a dozen!!!!

Would it be better for me to place the order through the Goldbelly site or directly from the Cape Whoopie website? If I order today will they make it here Friday?

 Thanks so much!

 Lovedy Muniz

August 14, 2014

 I am positively ecstatic because the whoopie pies I ordered from this wonderful business arrived today! Not only are they sensationally delicious, but they are oh, so fresh! I was pleasantly surprised to find them individually wrapped, to ensure that they will stay fresh! The way they were packaged was quite impressive, I might add...color coordinated boxes, tissue paper, bows and packing material. I would highly recommend [[[Cape Whoopies...Maine's Gourmet Whoopie Pie]]] to one and all. When I am looking for just the right touch for some upcoming event, I now know who to call upon! Many thanks, Marcia Wiggins, to you and your wonderful business!

 Liz Bodwell

March 22, 2014

small child loves whoopie pies by cape whoopies

There's just no age limit on whoopie pies!  This little sweet pea loved them over Christmas, too!
-Christie Bickelman
December 25, 2013

 We received them in perfect condition and they were very well liked!  Organic, no preservatives are important to the family so these were a perfect dessert!  Thanks so 
-Laurie Ray
December 3, 2013

I used to think my grandmothers whoopie pies were great, now they're only good!
-Seb Guerriero
October 23rd, 2013 Harvest on the Harbor, The Grand Tasting Event

These Cape Whoopie, gourmet whoopie pies are the best thing I had tonight, they're perfect!
-Kevin Stemmler
October 23rd, 2013 Harvest on the Harbor, The Grand Tasting Event

Best whoopie pie I have ever tasted, hands down!

-Paul Sottery
Territory Manager
Shipyard Brewery
Sea Dog Brewing Co.
October 23rd, 2013 at Harvest on the Harbor, The Grand Tasting Event

I had the pleasure of providing whoopie pies for the wedding of Danielle Spang and Will Smith last October 6th, 2012.  After their wedding, in the traditional way, they packed up 2 of each flavor whoopie pie to have at their First Anniversary celebration.  These are Danille's words after their celebration...

We had frozen 2 of each kind of whoopie pie from last year -- and wanted to let you know that they were still amazing and delicious a year later thank you again for the best desserts ever!!

-Danielle Spang
October 6, 2013 on her first anniversary

Dear Ms. Marcia,

Mommy and I tried making some homemade whoopie pies today and you have
nothing to worry about!  Both mommy and I agreed that they weren't even a
good "knock-off"!
(Parker is our special friend on our home page, giving the thumbs up to our whoopie pies!  We count Parker's opinion as an important one!)

I just devoured the Heaven Whoopie and WOW - it lived up to it's name! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I ate only one and shared the rest with my coworkers. Michael's face was priceless - I wasn't sure if, at first, it was shock or complete enjoyment. He was blown away. Most people remarked on the light, fluffy texture of the filling. I will definitely be telling all of my friends about you!

Happy rest of your weekend and I look forward to trying the rest of the 50 flavors!
- Sarah Mills

I just had one of your Maine Iac pies (Thanks Mike!), and it truly was the best I've ever had! I can't wait to find you in Whole Foods. I will be your best customer :-)
- Tom Snowe

Marcia - I've never been a fan of Whoopie pies, but Mike brought yours to our yacht club for cocktails on the lawn tonight - and I'm a convert! Dense chocolatey cake, creamy, not-too-sweet filling - and just the right size. Bravo!
- Lynne Gibson Lovett

Best Whoopie pies ever!!!!
- Erin Moore

These are the best Whoopie pies I have ever tasted! and I have had a few in my day! Yummmmmmmy!
- Lisa Junkins Simmons

I was so lucky to be able to sample Cape Whoopies pies today! They are delicious! We will be sending these as Thank You gifts to our new clients! Thank you Marcia!
- Amy Brown O'Shea

Love this place!!! Best Whoopie pies EVER!!! And Marcia is a SUPER person to do business with!!
- Theresa Martin

Love the page but gained 2 pounds just looking at the pictures. Rob and I need to come and see you now that we are retired. Have to go to England first though.
- Linda Benninger

Received the whoopie pies today! I just had to try one as soon as they arrived. It's like you know me...coconut, red velvet and chocolate are some of my favorite things! Started off with the Vanilla Coconut and it was good. In fact that one is my husband's favorite. Tonight I had a Red Velvet. Wow! It was so buttery and sweet at the same time. By far my favorite. Thank you so much for making my whoopie pie dreams come true

-Christy Sharp Winter 

Kris Nelson from Whole Foods headquarters
after tasting his first pie from Cape Whoopies-

"These things are RIDICULOUS!! I had the choco/coconut. Absolutely delicious and I even shared with the office. Thank you Marcia, and good luck to you. They taste like a million bucks and hope they make you more."

Buttery vanilla gourmet cakes, Maine gourmet whoopie pies