Shipping Your Gourmet Whoopie Pies from Maine

All orders ship using Fedex 2-Day.

We do our best to process orders in 2 business days and ship out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. 

All of our delicious Maine whoopie pies are baked fresh at our Maine whoopie pie bakery at 185 Cottage Road in South Portland. We use the highest quality ingredients available and we NEVER use preservatives, so we take great care in our shipping process to ensure that your whoopie pies arrive in perfect condition. Because many places in the country have warm temperatures throughout the year, we always ship FedEx 2-day. We ship out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

After baking your Maine desserts in our whoopie pie cafe and bakery, we pack up your treats in an Indestructo shipping box. Each whoopie pie is individually wrapped, and while there's nothing that will spoil during their journey, we freeze them prior to shipping so that they look as pretty for you as they did when we popped them into the box. 

All whoopie pie orders are shipped by FedEx and no signature is required so FedEx will leave them on your porch.  If you're not at home, they may sit out in the heat and get soft and gooey, but that won't hurt them one bit!  The cream filling might end up touching the wrapper, but many fans tell us that that’s why God gave them a tongue! 

Our whoopie pies are just perfect up to 21 days on the shelf (at room temperature) and up to a year in the freezer. We recommend bringing them fully to room temperature before eating for the most outstanding flavor. If they’ve been cold, you may even wish to microwave them for a few seconds to make them soft and gooey. Just don't be surprised if you love them so much that they're all gone in only a day or two!

Our goal is that your whoopie pies arrive at your door as fresh as can be.  We can’t wait to hear that you loved your delicious New England desserts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 207-409-0957 and we'll happily walk you through the whoopie pie ordering and delivery process.

Bon appetite! 

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a return or exchange on our baked goods. All whoopie pie sales are final.