Our Story

From the moment I first learned to cook, I have loved making delicious food for my friends and family just to hear their enjoyment!  Once I moved to Maine and tasted a whoopie pie, I just knew that I could do better.  I was lucky enough to be able to travel and as I traveled to other countries I encountered amazing flavors!  I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to bring these incredible ingredients back to Maine and to my own baking.  As I developed my own recipes and tricks I also found more friends who loved whoopie pies.  If you’re anywhere near Portland, Maine, you know DiMillo's Floating Restaurant.

lush creamy vanilla filling cream

My husband and I became regulars every Friday night and often brought whoopie pies to all the employees, again, just so we could experience the frenzy as people tasted our delights!  My husband had to fight his way into the bar area when he was carrying a large tray of pies, with the patrons trying to grab one before he could hand them off to the employees.  It was so much fun to see the excitement!  My oldest daughter often said we should start a business with this great little pie. Through a series of events, Cape Whoopies was born. 

I've enjoyed every moment of getting my product into Whole Foods Market in Portland, Maine and now on a regional level... as well as several restaurants, coffee shops and pizza places and goldbely.com, a web site of food explorers and Amazon.com!  I must say I love what I do and I do what I love...and most of all I love to exceed your every expectation with my little gourmet whoopie pies!




 A Little About Cape Whoopies...

Cape Elizabeth Maine treats, Portland Headlight


Cape Whoopies lives in the land of lighthouses and boats and rocky shores. It’s a cozy place to be where your mind is taken to days of long ago, when every day was filled with hard work, a cup of coffee, and a treat was the reward of the day. Think of hours by the sea where the fog is rolling in and the waves are crashing on the shore. There, on the porch, is your favorite chair, waiting for you, along with a cup of coffee and a sweet treat (a whoopie pie!). We love the feel of Maine and the way the people love their whoopie pies. We wanted to take the state treat and make it into a gourmet delight. We are so inspired by where we live that we desire to share our special gourmet treat with all our customers in the hopes that they will hear the fog horn and feel the sea’s mist on their face, just as we do, every day while we bake.