Whoopie Pie Weddings

We have had the privilege of having Cape Whoopies, Maine's Gourmet Whoopie Pies be a part of some amazing foodie weddings...I mean, of course, everyone wants deliciousness at their weddings!  So, why not Cape Whoopies?  These little nuggets of amazing gourmet flavor combinations take your event well above the next level, all the way to the top!

We'd love to be part of your big day, too!  If you're looking for a whoopie pie wedding for your special day...shoot us an email, we'd love to make whoopie for you, too!  marcia@capewhoopie.com

Join us in reviewing the most amazing whoopie pie weddings on the planet!

mini whoopie pies for a wedding

Joe and Vanessa Ariel  May 2014

Joe and Vanessa Ariel wedding

Joe and Vanessa Ariel wedding favors

Mike and Corin Pilo  October 2014

Mike and Corin Pilo wedding

place setting with a whoopie pie

wedding table with whoopie pie

bride and groom