Whole Foods Market and tastings!

Whoopie Pie Fun

I have to say that Whole Foods Market not only offers good organic foods, it also has a great system for local vendors. They decide which vendors products they would like to carry and pop it in their store. They then allow that vendor, (in this case we are referring to little old us) to go to other Whole Foods Markets within that region. Once you have three Whole Foods Markets in your region, selling your product, you can bounce to the next region and start selling your product there.  What this means is that in the foreseeable future we may be in a Whole Foods Market near YOU! Whole Foods also is very good about having new flavors for each season.  So, get ready Portland, Maine, you are about to get a taste of our fall whoopie pie flavors: GRANNY'S GONE WILD and DRUNKIN PUNKIN! GRANNY'S GONE WILD is a granny smith apple cake with cinnamon and nutmeg and its filled with caramel cream.  The DRUNKIN PUNKIN is a pumpkin spice cake with Amaretto nutmeg cream filling.  I ask you, what could be better than that??? This is going to be a really delicious fall season! How about joining me at Whole Foods on August 30 for a tasting?  We'll be there from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm!  I hope to see you!

We may hate saying goodbye to summer, but these are some really good reasons to say hello to fall!

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