Visiting Calgary, AB, Canada

Whoopie Pie Business Update

Cape Whoopies flew to Calgary, AB, Canada to see if Canadians love Maine whoopie pies as much as we do!  I have to say that Canadians don't HAVE whoopie pies as we do, so right there we have an advantage...who wouldn't love a little cake sandwich with yummy cream fillings?  I mean, really, who wouldn't LOVE that???  So, off to Calgary I went.  I baked up a big batch of chocolate cakes and a big batch of vanilla cakes.  Then I filled them with vanilla cream, coconut cream and finally the best caramel cream I could put together!  They were so delicious that I couldn't even resist and had to eat 3 myself!  I was lucky enough to have new Canadian friends that brought together a great group of people for a whoopie pie tasting...!  We had a fabulous dinner and then it was WHOOPIE PIE O'CLOCK, my favorite hour of the day, and the tasting was on!  I made sure that everyone got as many as they could possibly enjoy...yes there's no judgement here... you can eat as many as you want and no one says a word, well maybe we say WHOOPIE occasionally but no judgements!  I must tell you that I was happy to find that Canadians LOVE whoopie pies!  I think the good news is they'll definitely want more in the future, and I want to be the one to make sure they get them!  I'll keep you posted as to how this all works out but suffice it to say...I'll be going back to Calgary, I loved it!  I'm hoping my new Calgarian friends will come this way, as well!  In either case we'll make sure that Canadians get whoopie pies in the future, one way or the other!

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  • Lynn LAliberte on

    We live on Vancouver island in British Columbia! Is there a chance to order Boston Whoopie pod???

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