Fall Is Here, and So Are Our Seasonal Whoopie Pie Flavors!

Seasonal Whoopie Pie Flavors

Its official, Fall is here!  It still feels like summer (don't you love this time of year???) but everything is beginning to change...the kids are going back to school, the leaves are just beginning to think about how spectacular they plan to be...and we're baking up all our autumn flavors!  Oh, yes, I said it, our autumn flavors...thats DRUNKIN PUNKIN and GRANNY'S GONE WILD!  I have to admit these are some of my favorite flavors!  

DRUNKIN PUNKIN is a pumpkin spice cake with Amaretto cream that has a hint of nutmeg. Take two of the yummiest flavors around and combine them, yep, thats how we do it around here! This flavor will surely be your favorite!  GRANNY'S GONE WILD! is a granny smith apple cake with our signature caramel cream filling.  You know all those gooey parts in between the apples in an apple pie? Well, this is all that and so much more!  I guess you'll just have to taste it to know for sure how yummy it is!

If you want a quick fix these babies will be at Whole Foods, Portland, Maine, otherwise, just order whoopie pies right here on our site and they'll be off to you in a hurry!

Fall really IS the best time of year!!! 


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