You need not shop till you drop...give gourmet whoopie pies to everyone on your list!

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We're here just for you, this Christmas season!  We know how busy you are, getting it all done.  You've got to decorate the house, put up the tree, write all those Christmas cards... so, we have an idea for about we do your shopping?  All we need is a list with addresses and we'll take it from there!  We'll send everyone a dozen delicious gourmet whoopie pies that will make them swoon!  Its the perfect gift that's good for anyone and everyone!  From the littlest child to the elders in the family, everyone will love them and come back for more!  They are also really great to have for your Christmas parties, too!  Just drop me an email at :

and I'll personally handle your list!  I'll even make sure each gift goes out with a card with your personal greeting!  You can't beat that!

I'm waiting to make your Christmas the most delicious one, ever!


holiday whoopie pies

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