Good news and bad news for Maine whoopie pie lovers!

Whoopie Pie Business Update

We've got some news... we're partnering with so all our orders will go through their store, rather than ours.  When you decide what you want to buy just hit the "CLICK TO SHIP" powered by Goldbely icon at the top of the page! This won't change a thing in terms of the delicious treats but the service will be even better!  Goldbely has a wonderful concierge service so if you want to add some other yumminess to your whoopie pie order, you sure can get that accomplished!!  And, now, your shipping is FREE to you!  The bad news is that our price had to increase.  We're sorry, we know that stinks but its still a bargain to get the best whoopie pies on the market with FREE shipping anywhere in the U.S.!  And, Goldbely is always working on more stuff for the buck...we may be able to ship worldwide, at some point in the future, thanks to them!

So, to all our friends, family and fans, get ready to get your whoopie on...and be able to ship FREE anywhere in the U.S.


dozen box of whoopie pies

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