Whoopie, it's Christmastime, again!

Christmas Seasonal Whoopie Pie Flavors

We have to say goodbye to all our Fall Favorites...they're amazing, we agree, but they've had their day in the sun!  Now its time to turn toward Christmas and enjoy the ride!

It's our favorite time of year!  We love all the fun that comes along with it!  Here, at Cape Whoopies, we're all children at heart!  We love thinking about Santa bringing our favorite treats...and these whoopie pie flavors are right at the top of our list!!!  We love candy canes and chocolate, we go crazy for eggnog and our red velvet with raspberry jam and vanilla is the best thing we've ever tasted!  We hope you feel the same way!

If you're a child at heart this Christmas collection is for YOU!

whoopie pie christmas tree ornament

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