It's National Cookie Day!

Whoopie Pie Fun

Did you know that December 4th is National Cookie Day?!  Here at Cape Whoopies, we're celebrating our close cousin dessert by indulging in a delicious Bromance whoopie pie.  Featuring chocolate chip cakes that are just as good as Mom's freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla cream filling, the Bromance is unsurprisingly one of our top-selling flavors. You'd have to ask our head whoopette to be sure, but we're pretty positive this decadent flavor combination was inspired by a warm chocolate chip cookie dipped in milk.  Yum!

Whoopie pies are often described as two cookie-cakes with marshmallowy cream filling in between, so today, on national cookie day, WE SALUTE YOU, COOKIES!  We’d be nothing without you!

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the cookie day spirit, and spoil yourself a bit with your favorite dessert – whatever it may be.  Make sure to check out all our whoopie pie flavors while you’re at it, and cross a few names off your nice Christmas list. 

Order a dozen Bromance whoopie pies for fast delivery right here:

bromance whoopie pie

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