A Day in the Life of Maine's Best Whoopie Pie Company

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After tasting our sweet treats, we know that our customers and fans may often wonder what it's like behind the scenes at a whoopie pie company.  So we’d like to give you a little insight into what happens in a regular business day at Cape Whoopies. 

The morning begins as head whoopette and Cape Whoopies’ owner, Marcia, arrives at the industrial kitchen and takes a quick survey of the sparkling clean space, reviewing each of the priorities for the day and deciding where each work station will need to be.  Her team of whoopettes (with the occasional whoopie dude) are next to appear.  With smiles, bubbling laughter, and the kindest of greetings, there’s no doubt this crew looks forward to coming together each day.

As each of the stations are set, ovens are preheated, and ingredients or packaging materials all in place, the work officially begins!  It’s not long before delicious smells fill the air, and like busy little bees, the whoopette team efficiently handles the mixing, baking, assembly, and packaging of their mouthwatering creations.  Seeing tray after tray of freshly made whoopie pie cakes is sure to trigger the most discerning of sweet tooths – they look beautiful and delicious!

Even after the longest days in the very busy holiday season, the whoopettes end the day with hugs and more smiles, feeling accomplished over the finished product.  There's no question this crew loves what they do.  Being the best whoopie pie company (or any small business) isn't always easy, but it IS always fun when you have the best, sweetest, most enthusiastic and hard-working employees and coworkers!


whoopettes and whoopie pies from cape whoopies

whoopie pie production with racks

eggnot whoopie pie rack

box assortment of whoopie pies by cape whoopies

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