Our Newest Whoopie Pie Flavor! Meet Nutty Carrie!

New Whoopie Pie Flavors

Every once in a while a flavor combination comes along that you just know is an everyday, all the time, kind of thing! Our new whoopie pie flavor, Nutty Carrie, is just that...we KNOW you're going to want this, every day!! 

It starts out with our amazing buttery vanilla cakes.  Yes, these cakes are a perfect backdrop for any cream filling, I agree, but in this combination we top these delectable cakes with our chunky, crunchy, deliciously rich peanut butter cream. Its your childhood revisited, only sweeter and richer!  We make our own peanut butter so we can guarantee that its chock full of peanuts and nothing else!  We can't tell you all the secrets, but lets just say we add all the yumminess we can pack in and then its done!  That peanut butter cream definitely runs the show, here, and we have to admit, we LOVE it that way! So, feel free to dream about these babies, until you place your order, but after that addiction to this flavor is definitely an option!

Another great thing about this combo is that we've named it after our special friend, Carrie! She's working hard at Harvard U and we want her to know we're thinking of her, everyday and all the time! We also plan to make sure she gets plenty of these babies, whenever she takes a study break!

Nutty Carrie Whoopie Pie

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