Maine Whoopie Pies Competing in IIntuit's Small Business Big Game Competition

Whoopie Pie Fun

In another 9 hours we will find out if we have made it to the next round in the @Intuit Small Business Big Game Competition!  We're hoping and dreaming that we will make it, and we're wishing the very best to everyone who has entered the competition.  If we do make it, then Intuit will go about choosing, from the top 20, who makes it to the top 4.  Then, once the top 4 are chosen, its back to voting again.  You have to pick your favorite, and vote each and every day!  I'm sure hoping you'll be voting for Maine whoopie pies at the Super Bowl!

I'll keep you posted, as soon as I know anything I'll post it, here!  Keep your fingers and toes crossed!!!  We need all the luck we can get!!!

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