The Best Whoopie Pies Online made it to ROUND TWO!!

Whoopie Pie Fun

We are thrilled to announce that we are participating in Intuit's Small Business Big Game. It's a competition for small businesses like ours to win a professionally done ad during the Super Bowl!  As you can imagine we are really excited to join the fun!  So, here we are and thanks to YOU, Cape Whoopies (the best ever whoopie pie company) has made it to ROUND TWO of the competition. During ROUND TWO we still need your votes, each and please, please, PALEEEZE keep up all the work you are putting in and vote EVERYDAY! All the small businesses that are participating are busy making a video that tells you more about them, we're working on that, too, so stand by for more fun!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for all the votes so far and can you please keep it going?  We need votes all the way through the end of October when they announce who moves on to ROUND THREE!  So, please vote, but only ONCE A DAY because we will be disqualified if anything funny goes on.

Here's the link for voting, and thank you so much for getting us this far!  When all is said and done its all about YOU and your votes, thank you sooooo much!




three whoopie pies on a small silver platter


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