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Whoopie Pie Fun

Wouldn't you love to see the most delicious whoopie pie on the big screen at the big game?  We would!  If you can help us, we will do everything we can to get there!  Intuit is having a contest and the prize is a professionally done ad at the big game (the Super Bowl) in February for one small business.  Why couldn't it be us, you ask?  Well, we asked the same question!  So, we entered the contest!  Help us get into the play, vote for us!  Here are the details! (Once you get to the link, scroll down till you see Cape Whoopies gourmet whoopie pies and a big whoopie pie pic...that's us!)  and paaa-leeeeze vote!  AND VOTE DAILY....its not just one vote!



chocolate chip whoopie pie








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