We don't want to say good bye to the summer....

Seasonal Whoopie Pie Flavors

But darling, I promise you this...we'll be back in the fall with all the deliciousness we can muster! Nothing says whoopie pie yumminess like summer picnics, long days at the beach and just sitting on the front porch with a cup of joe and your favorite Cape Whoopies!  But you know what...Fall is a great time to enjoy all the best that Cape Whoopies has to offer!  Once September comes we'll be offering GRANNY'S GONE WILD (Granny Smith apple cakes with chunks of apple and loads of cinnamon and nutmeg, they are filled to overflowing with our signature caramel cream...yes, its to die for!) and then in October we'll offer up your all time favorite...DRUNKEN PUNKIN (this one takes the cake, its a pumpkin spice cake with a cream filling thats made with Amaretto and a hint of nutmeg!  Oh my goodness you're going to want more than one!) So, get your taste buds ready, grab all your favorite people and lets party this fall!  Lets make some whoopie to remember!!!!

And, just cause we're saying good bye to summer, we're giving a 10% discount on every order placed this week (August 25th to September 1st) as long as you email us at marcia@capewhoopie.com and mention "SUMMER SO LONG"! We'll even let you pick 4 flavors to have in your order! We'll make it easy and after we receive your email, we'll call you back to get all your details!

flower blooming with whoopie pies

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