@tastes2totango's Whoopie Pies Review!

Whoopie Pie Press

Boston-based foodies Nina and Josh, otherwise known as @tastes2totango on Instagram, recently gave a very kind review of our Maine whoopie pies after receiving a 1 dozen box of our Cape Whoopies Surprise! Whoopie Pie Assortment.  Nina and Josh eat a LOT of desserts, so when Josh said, "That was the best whoopie pie I've EVER had," we were beaming!!!  Check out the full review to find out all the whoopie pies they tried and which ones they loved the most!  And don't forget to follow @tastes2totango and @capewhoopies on Instagram!

Photo courtesy of Nina & Josh of @tastes2totango

whoopie pies in assorted flavors

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