Introducing...THE GRINCH Whoopie Pies!

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We're sure you remember the cute little story about the funny looking green guy that tries to steal Christmas.  Well here at Cape Whoopies, we love all things Christmas soooo much that we decided to make a dessert in honor of the one whose heart grew three sizes in one day: THE GRINCH Whoopie Pies!  Vanilla cakes dyed green pair so festively with our vanilla cream rolled in red sprinkles, making these gourmet whoopie pies just the most Christmasy ever!  We all have that friend, family member, or loved one who spends the holiday season in a "bah, humbug" frame of mind, but then turns into a warm marshmallow over the sweetest Christmas gift.  If you've got a few Grinches on your shopping list, we've got just the answer for you.  Ship them a half dozen or 1 dozen box of The Grinch Whoopie Pies from Maine and watch that heart start to grow!  We pack these pies with plenty of Christmas magic to go around, so trust us, they won't disappoint!

We also created a new Christmas whoopie pie assortment featuring The Grinch and Christmas Crush, so check out Naughty & Nice Whoopie Pies (also available in half dozen or 1 dozen boxes).

Here are The Grinch Whoopie Pies all dolled up for a photo shoot:

green and red whoopie pies

Here's Brad, perfecting The Grinch Whoopie Pies:

baker making christmas whoopie pies

A showcase of colors from our Naughty & Nice Whoopie Pies Assortment:

naughty and nice christmas whoopie pie assortment


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