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Whoopie Pie Business Update

We are baking, bagging, tagging, delivering and blogging...what could be more, I ask you? Well, we have news in the offing but we'll check in with that, later. Right now, we want you, our favorite customer, to know that we are so thrilled when we hear from you. We look forward to your posts on our Facebook page, to your tweets on Twitter and to your kind words via email and phone calls.  So, keep on keeping on. We love it! If there is anything we can do to make things work better for you, shoot me an email. I stand ready to respond! If you know of a location that just screams out for some Cape Whoopies for its customers, let me know. I have been known to dash out, on a moments notice to take samples to a potential customer. I would love to go to your favorite shop and tell them you sent me, with whoopie pies in hand! We're also hoping to do some tastings at Whole Foods, Willows, and The Meat House, one day soon, and we'd love to meet you in person! So, lets keep in touch, I'll keep you posted as to where we'll be...


Now, as to our big news...well, you'll just have to wait till its official, stay tuned!

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