Who makes the best Maine whoopie pies? We do! We're Maine Made and America's Best!

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Here at Cape Whoopies, we are thrilled to announce that our Maine whoopie pies have just been named a MAINE MADE: AMERICA'S BEST product.  To be selected means a great deal to us!   Here is what Maine Made says about the products they select:

Maine's expansive beauty is legendary. Vast forestlands, thousands of miles of beaches, and enough lakes and mountains to lose yourself in for life.

And yet, as anyone who has been here will tell you, Maine's truest character is revealed in the details. Sunlight shafting through a spruce grove. A perfect, round stone on a beach of rugged cliffs. And a people who are resourceful, dependable and inventive.

This combination of pure material and fine detail has long characterized Maine craftsmanship. A tradition of excellence passed down for generations, "Maine Made" is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity.

The unique products featured in this Web Site represent some of the finest craftsmanship available today. Over 2000 Maine companies offer a wealth of items created from wood, granite, field and farm. These products bring a sampling of Maine's rich resources right to your door. Please join us in celebrating these fine traditions. We hope you'll discover the beauty of Maine in all its detail.

As you can see we are incredibly honored to be added to the group!

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