Valentines Day and Our Featured Whoopie Pie Flavors

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Its that time, where we make sure that we send out love to everyone we care about.... this year we're making sure your Cape Whoopies will convey your message, perfectly!  We're putting together the most delicious combination of flavors for our Feb. 14 big gift!  It's BRITT'S FAV (chocolate/chocolate), VELVETY RED (red velvet/vanilla), DARK STRAWBERRY (chocolate/strawberry), and our new flavor combination; CRAZY NUT JOB (walnut/Frangelico {hazelnut}) So, every box goes out with 3 of each flavor!  Its a flavor extravaganza for your love gift!  And, to top it all off, every box goes out covered in hearts and packed with all the love we can possibly squeeze in...we know you want to say, "I LOVE YOU" and we're with you...this is one delicious LOVE-FEST!

valentine whoopie pies

We'll help you say Happy Valentines Day to all your loved ones!

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