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Whoopie Pie Fun

It's official, Maine's gourmet whoopie pies are all over the web!  We love being on Facebook and Twitter and use them regularly!  We love to post what we're doing and where we'll be, we even love to live tweet so people can dash over and catch up with us!  But, now we're on Instagram! @capewhoopies is our tag, so you can find us. Think of it...we'll be showing you, up close and personal, photos of what we're doing...cutting right to the chase!  It doesn't get any better than that!  So, join us!  We can't wait to share our photos with YOU, too!

Here's a peek into the our world to get you started....  these are our favorite friends in the whoopie kitchen... and I wouldn't show these to just anyone!

whoopie kitchen equipment

whoopie pie kitchen mixer

whoopie pie oven

 Check us out on Instagram...you never know what we'll share!

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