Great people are here, we just have to notice... and give 'em whoopie pies!

Whoopie Pie Fun

Have you ever met someone in the course of business that just stood out?? This person seemed to immediately know how to engage everyone on Twitter...she is creative, outgoing and oh so fun! Her kindness and attention to what is needed is above and beyond. She not only knows how to make sure that everyone in the Twitter conversation is highlighted, but she also cleverly finds the only person that needs something special and she sends them a gift! Well, I have met such a person, too!  She hides in plain sight, giving gifts of kindness and attention, but never looking for credit or thanks. Her favorite practice is "random acts of kindness" which, on many occasions has included Cape Whoopies! She likes to find deliciousness and then she chats up fun and before you know it, you're getting a surprise gift, anonymously!  Is there anything more fun than that?

So, when you least expect it, if a package comes to your door and you aren't expecting anything...brew yourself some coffee and get could be packed with deliciousness! 

And, if someone named PENGUINUS TROPICALIS strikes up a conversation with you on all means, respond! Better yet, find her on Twitter and make her your friend...she's the best kind friend! 


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