We all love our Momma's!!! And Mommas love Maine whoopie pies!

Seasonal Whoopie Pie Flavors

We all love that person who always gives us that warm fuzzy feeling when life kicks us in the teeth...she comforts us, she makes us soup when we're sick, she gives us praise when we've worked hard on something important to only us...and she's always there with a smile and a pat on the back!  We all love our Momma's!  There's one day, out of all the rest, that is just for her...Mother's Day! Why not give her a totally decadent treat? Why not give her an indulgence she wouldn't give herself? Why not give her Cape Whoopies, Maine's Gourmet Whoopie Pie! You know she'll love it!

whoopie pies of assorted flavors

You can give her MAINE-IAC'S, SMART BLONDE'S or a Cape Whoopies Surprise which may have some TALL DARK AND HANDSOME, some SALTED CARAMEL and maybe a DITZY BRUNETTE or two!  Just be sure and give your Momma a treat to remember!  She'll love you for it...you know she'll love you anyway, but don't you want her to know you love HER, too?

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