Random Acts of Kindness!

02 April, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

It's WHOOPIE O'CLOCK (my favorite hour!) and time for some random acts of kindness! Can you imagine the look on your friends face when they receive a small box that contains 2 gourmet Cape Whoopies, just for the fun of it??? Well, that's what we're proposing...how about sending 6 friends a yummy little treat to make their day? These little boxes will have 2 assorted flavors, but we can't promise what they will be, though we will try to accommodate your requests of your friends favorites! 

We will send 2 whoopie pies to 6 friends for $126.00 and shipping is included! Or we can break it up any way you want...basically the pies are $36.00 for the dozen and $15.00 for each shipping destination! 

2 pies to 1 friend and 10 coming to you $66.00

2 pies to 2 friends and 8 coming to you $81.00

2 pies to 3 friends and 6 coming to you $96.00

2 pies to 4 friends and 4 coming to you $111.00

2 pies to 5 friends and 2 coming to you $126.00

Or send 2 pies to 6 friends and its $126.00 and in this fun RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS program shipping is always included! All you need to do is send me an email and we'll take it from there! marcia@capewhoopie.com

So, how about we jump on board and make this the most fun, delicious, time of year your friends have ever seen!!!


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