Random Acts of Kindness!

Whoopie Pie Fun

It's WHOOPIE O'CLOCK (my favorite hour!) and time for some random acts of kindness! Can you imagine the look on your friends face when they receive a small box that contains 2 gourmet Cape Whoopies, just for the fun of it??? Well, that's what we're proposing...how about sending 6 friends a yummy little treat to make their day? These little boxes will have 2 assorted flavors, but we can't promise what they will be, though we will try to accommodate your requests of your friends favorites! 

We will send 2 whoopie pies to 6 friends for $126.00 and shipping is included! Or we can break it up any way you want...basically the pies are $36.00 for the dozen and $15.00 for each shipping destination! 

2 pies to 1 friend and 10 coming to you $66.00

2 pies to 2 friends and 8 coming to you $81.00

2 pies to 3 friends and 6 coming to you $96.00

2 pies to 4 friends and 4 coming to you $111.00

2 pies to 5 friends and 2 coming to you $126.00

Or send 2 pies to 6 friends and its $126.00 and in this fun RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS program shipping is always included! All you need to do is send me an email and we'll take it from there! marcia@capewhoopie.com

So, how about we jump on board and make this the most fun, delicious, time of year your friends have ever seen!!!


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