We Love Local Tasting at Whole Foods Market in Portland on February 9th

Whoopie Pie Fun

We've said it before and we'll just have to say it, again, WE LOVE WHOLE FOODS MARKET!  Whole Foods has a great way of focusing on their local vendors by having a special tasting so that you can try out products before buying them.  They have so kindly invited us to join them for their next WE LOVE LOCAL tasting on February 9th from 1:00 to 3:00.  We'll be there with SALTED CARAMEL gourmet whoopie pies to share.  We know you'll love them!  Its a deep dark chocolate cake filled with rich buttery caramel cream and a sprinkling of sea salt to top it off!  We start by making the rich buttery caramel...

Then we make marshmallow from scratch...

Then it's all about mixing the two together and adding a few secret ingredients...believe me this cream filling will make you swoon!  We pop the filling into the fridge to chill it down.  And, while the filling is chilling (oh, that's just cute!) its off to baking the deep rich chocolate cakes!  We traveled the world to find the right chocolate to make this cake perfect...and we found it.  It's Bensdorp Chocolate from the Netherlands.  It makes a chocolate cake thats so chocolatey it's almost a brownie!  I know you're with me, this one is truly amazing!  You'll just have to try it to know for sure!



So, imagine, deep rich chocolate with rich buttery caramel thats mixed with light fluffy marshmallow and then just a hint of sea salt to make it perfect... if that isn't enough to make you shout WHOOPIE, I don't know what is!

Join us on February 9th from 1:00 to 3:00 we can't wait to share these delights with you!

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