Sending you whoopie love, Whole Foods Market in Portland, Maine!

Whoopie Pie Fun

We truly appreciate Whole Foods Market, here in Portland, Maine.  They take the time to keep up with their little vendors, like us.  They have just asked us for two new flavors, worked to get them approved through their system and now have placed an order for them.  So, for you our'll be able to have these two new whoopie pie flavors, here in Portland, Maine... tomorrow!  How GREAT is that?  Not only that, they have invited us to help bring you that very deliciousness on February 9th at their WE LOVE LOCAL TASTING!  So, again, we have to say...Thank you, Whole Foods Market, you are rocking our world these days!  We'll do you proud and bring TALL DARK AND HANDSOME or SALTED CARAMEL to the tasting so everyone can find out just how good these babies are!

 If you're wondering where to buy whoopie pies in Maine, we'll tell you just the place.

You ROCK it, Whole Foods Market...we just had to say it!


salted caramel whoopie pie

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