Happy New Year from Cape Whoopies, Maine's Gourmet Whoopie Pie!

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Hello 2014, we've been waiting for you...we know you'll be filled with prosperity, happiness, togetherness, fun and so much more...but before we get started we want to tip our hat to 2013, to say thank you for a year well lived!

2013 you've been so very good to us, here at Cape Whoopies!  You have gotten us started in business, you've helped us find a great group of web designers that worked with us to put together this amazing web site, you've brought us a wonderful Facebook page with great followers and a Twitter page that thrills us to no end.  You have made certain that we made friends with enough great people to carry us forward into the year to come.  How can we say thank you, loudly enough, for all of that?  Well, the only way we can think of to show 2013 just how appreciative we are is to make 2014 further that success!  We promise you we will work just as hard, continue to bring the best people into our circle and make sure that our customers get the best gourmet whoopie pies we can possible make.  We'll fill every pie with love and deliciousness beyond compare!  We have some business plans we can't divulge just yet...but know we are on our way to very big things...  2013 you've knocked our socks off and we can't possibly thank you enough...

2014, get yourself ready...we've got big plans for you!  Join us in welcoming a great New Year!  

From our kitchen to yours, the very happiest and most prosperous of New Years to you!  

whoopie pie assortment in a tall martini glass


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