Its December 4th...Where does the whoopie time go?

Christmas Seasonal Whoopie Pie Flavors

It's already December 4th! How can that be? It was August a moment ago! That just goes to show you how quickly the days will pass until Christmas day is here! All that shopping to do...well, let me help you! Just shoot me an email and I can ship your order on the precise day you want it to go. I can make sure your special gift of gourmet whoopie pies arrives at just the moment you want it to. Let's make this the best Christmas EVER and the easiest! I'll take care of your away gifts and all you have to worry over is the ones at home. Speaking of home...are you having a party? Well, let me help you, there, too!  I can whip up a beautiful selection of gourmet whoopie pies that will blow your guests away! If you are near me, I will hand deliver it to you, if you are away...I will ship it as quick as can be!  Remember that if you are in New England, actually all the way down to Virginia and over to New York state, just select Fed Ex ground shipping and your pies will arrive in 2 days time at less than $15 shipping charges.

We want your holiday to be the best EVER! Here's what's on our tree, this year, lets make sure you get some, too!

 chocolate and vanilla whoopie pie christmas tree ornament 


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