Cape Whoopies Surprise for Local Pick-Up (Per Dozen Whoopie Pies)


Whoopie Pie Assortment for Local Pick-Up

**Please note, this selection is for local pick-up at 185 Cottage Rd, South Portland Maine only.  If you're looking for whoopie pies with nationwide shipping, please visit our other flavor collections.**

Can't decide on just a single flavor to try?  Cape Whoopies Surprise is for you!  We can’t promise you exactly which flavors will be in this collection, but we will happily box up 12 gourmet whoopie pie treasures from whatever we are currently working on.  It might include STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKES with a buttery vanilla cake filled to overflowing with strawberry cream.  And it could be BOSTON STRONG, featuring buttery vanilla cakes slathered with our signature fudge and overfilled with our vanilla cream filling!  And it might contain our deep rich chocolate cakes filled to overflowing with our deep dark rich chocolate cream filling.  We call this one BRITT'S FAV!  Or it could have something totally amazing that isn't even available on our website, yet!  We get crazy creative and love to put together combinations that will knock your socks off!  So, grab a cup of joe at Rwanda Bean when you stop by to pick up your order, and get yourself ready for something amazing!  Are you getting the point, here?  Its all about deliciousness!  We'll box up 3 each of 4 flavor combinations in your chocolate brown bakery box of Cape Whoopies, and get it ready within 24 hours for pick-up at our whoopie pie HQ.  

Nothing says loving like a Cape Whoopies Surprise - a 1 dozen assortment of the best whoopie pies on the planet. Whoopie!