We're sponsoring Mack Perry!

In the course of being in business you bump into people everyday.  Sometimes your encounter teaches you how amazing people can be.  Sometimes it teaches you about generosity and being grateful.  And when that happens, its time to make a statement, to step out and highlight what you've learned, so today Cape Whoopies is proud to sponsor Mack Perry and his amazing music, Agony in the Garden.  Mack is an amazingly talented guy!  He writes all his own music and then plays all the parts, painstakingly layering the music, track by track to make it perfect.  So, you can see his talent is not only in music but in the technical art of putting that very music together.  His music is Alternative rock-Indie and is very popular on Reverbnation.  Take a listen!  www.agonyinthegardenofficial.com  Mack has just been endorsed by WT Foster Guitars, which is quite an honor.  He will be doing all their tutorial videos!

We are very proud to sponsor Mack Perry and his music.  Our greatest pride comes in calling him, friend.  Join me in our salute to Mack's talent and body of work!  In celebration of his work and our sponsorship we have dedicated a flavor just to Mack... MACK's RasPERRY Red Velvet!  Give it a try in his honor!


red velvet whoopie pie by cape whoopies