Father's Day

Father's Day

Your Dad is your guy...the one who is always there for anything you need.  He has always loved to fix things, to teach you a sport, even to give you a hug when things haven't gone right.  Your Dad is the BEST!  And, since he's the best, you want to give him an AWESOME gift to show him just how much you care!  This collection of flavors has Dad's name written all over it!  Dad's everywhere love:

RED RIOT,  red velvet cakes with raspberry jam and filled with coconut cream

SOUTHERN COMFORT, maple cakes with tons of bacon bits and filled with bourbon cream

TALL DARK AND HANDSOME, chocolate cakes filled with almond cream and lots of chopped almonds

BROMANCE, chocolate chip cakes filled with rich buttery vanilla cream

Dad knows you love him, but this Father's Day show him he's a cut above, the bees knees, and just about the best guy on the planet!  Then go brew him some coffee to go with these babies...he's gonna thank you for it!