It's September and you know what that means...

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It's that time of year when everyone has to say that long, melancholy goodbye to the summer fun.  We know we won't be hanging at the beach all day, or spending the day on the deck, in the sun...we're getting ready to go back to school, see our friends again, and pull the sweaters and scarves out so they are ready when the temperature truly changes.  Its Fall, that very special time when the leaves start to turn color, the temps start to drop and best of all...we start finding the yummiest things to eat! Remember when you were little and your mother took you to pick apples, then you came home and she made the most amazingly delicious apple pie? She put cinnamon and nutmeg in it and lots and lots of granny smith apples....oooo, the gooey part in between the apples calls me, even today!  I love this time of year! I love anything made with pumpkin and spice and apple! Yum, Fall brings on all the best flavors! So, here at Cape Whoopies, as a salute to Mom, apple pie, pumpkins and all things Fall...we're getting ready to bake all our Fall flavors, just for you! Start thinking pumpkin spice cakes with a cream filling made of Amaretto and nutmeg!  That's our DRUNKEN PUNKIN! How about our GRANNY'S GONE WILD, it's granny smith apple cakes with cinnamon and nutmeg (just like Mom's apple pie) but it's filled with caramel cream that will knock your socks off! Or, our DRUNKEN GINGER...for you manly men, its a ginger cake (almost like gingerbread!) with molasses and brown sugar and lots of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves...and then, when you think you just can't have any more flavor...we fill it with our bourbon cream filling. It's a Fall extravaganza!  

So, when you're feeling a little blue about having to say goodbye to summer, remember that also means you're saying hello to all the Cape Whoopies Fall flavors.... now THAT should put a smile on your face!





Great people are here, we just have to notice...

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Have you ever met someone in the course of business that just stood out?? This person seemed to immediately know how to engage everyone on Twitter...she is creative, outgoing and oh so fun! Her kindness and attention to what is needed is above and beyond. She not only knows how to make sure that everyone in the Twitter conversation is highlighted, but she also cleverly finds the only person that needs something special and she sends them a gift! Well, I have met such a person, too!  She hides in plain sight, giving gifts of kindness and attention, but never looking for credit or thanks. Her favorite practice is "random acts of kindness" which, on many occasions has included Cape Whoopies! She likes to find deliciousness and then she chats up fun and before you know it, you're getting a surprise gift, anonymously!  Is there anything more fun than that?

So, when you least expect it, if a package comes to your door and you aren't expecting anything...brew yourself some coffee and get could be packed with deliciousness! 

And, if someone named PENGUINUS TROPICALIS strikes up a conversation with you on all means, respond! Better yet, find her on Twitter and make her your friend...she's the best kind friend! 


Bloomberg Business Week selects us as the one treat to bring home from Maine!

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It just doesn't get any better than this...Bloomberg Business Week wrote a piece selecting one treat from each state to bring home and share at the office.  We just happen to be the treat they selected from the state of Maine!  We're so thrilled to know that Bloomberg feels that we are the best treat in Maine!  So, here's their piece...I hope you like their selections as much as we did!




Thank you Whole Foods Market for making us a regional vendor!

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We love how Whole Foods makes sure that everything they sell is of the best quality and the freshest and finest that can be found...we also love that you sell Cape Whoopies!  Today we are excited to say that Whole Foods has just notified us that we are now a regional vendor!  What that means is that every store in our region has the ability to purchase and sell Cape Whoopies!  So, central and eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine we're going to be bringing you treats beyond compare!  We can't wait!  New York, you're up next, so start holding your breath, we're coming for you!

We all love our Momma's!!!

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We all love that person who always gives us that warm fuzzy feeling when life kicks us in the teeth...she comforts us, she makes us soup when we're sick, she gives us praise when we've worked hard on something important to only us...and she's always there with a smile and a pat on the back!  We all love our Momma's!  There's one day, out of all the rest, that is just for her...Mother's Day! Why not give her a totally decadent treat? Why not give her an indulgence she wouldn't give herself? Why not give her Cape Whoopies, Maine's Gourmet Whoopie Pie! You know she'll love it!

You can give her MAINE-IAC'S, SMART BLONDE'S or a Cape Whoopies Surprise which may have some TALL DARK AND HANDSOME, some SALTED CARAMEL and maybe a DITZY BRUNETTE or two!  Just be sure and give your Momma a treat to remember!  She'll love you for know she'll love you anyway, but don't you want her to know you love HER, too?

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if you're looking for a place to go where you can find all the best of the best food, in one place...try ! They have searched the country and found all the yummiest foods! And, you know you can find Cape Whoopies, there! But, think of it, you can order bar be que from Memphis or Texas and whoopie pies from Maine...I can't think of anything better for gifts! Send someone deliciousness!  I love it!

Thank you, Goldbely, you are rocking the delicious gift world! 

Random Acts of Kindness!

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It's WHOOPIE O'CLOCK (my favorite hour!) and time for some random acts of kindness! Can you imagine the look on your friends face when they receive a small box that contains 2 gourmet Cape Whoopies, just for the fun of it??? Well, that's what we're about sending 6 friends a yummy little treat to make their day? These little boxes will have 2 assorted flavors, but we can't promise what they will be, though we will try to accommodate your requests of your friends favorites! 

We will send 2 whoopie pies to 6 friends for $126.00 and shipping is included! Or we can break it up any way you want...basically the pies are $36.00 for the dozen and $15.00 for each shipping destination! 

2 pies to 1 friend and 10 coming to you $66.00

2 pies to 2 friends and 8 coming to you $81.00

2 pies to 3 friends and 6 coming to you $96.00

2 pies to 4 friends and 4 coming to you $111.00

2 pies to 5 friends and 2 coming to you $126.00

Or send 2 pies to 6 friends and its $126.00 and in this fun RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS program shipping is always included! All you need to do is send me an email and we'll take it from there!

So, how about we jump on board and make this the most fun, delicious, time of year your friends have ever seen!!!


Andover, Whole Foods Market, we're coming for you!

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We love Whole Foods Market, here, in Portland, Maine, so when Whole Foods Market in Andover, Massachusetts gave us the word that they wanted to add our little gourmet whoopie pie to their product list, we could not be more excited!  We have delivered Cape Whoopies to their shelves and now we are going to join them for a WE LOVE LOCAL tasting!  There isn't anything that puts a bigger smile on our face than joining a new customer to meet with their following and give out samples!  We promise to make your Wednesday evening March 26th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm delicious!  Please come say HI and have a treat, on me!



It's National PI Day and we've got news...

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We can't think of a better day to share our big giant news with you...It's National PI day and we'll be featured on in the coming weeks! Gourmet Whoopie Pies on PI Day, what a thought! is a great website that finds the best of the best foods from across the country so that you can give the best of the best gifts to your friends and family.  AMAZING you say? We said so, too! You'll just have to check it out   They are such an amazing company, bringing the most legendary foods right to your door, that Bloomberg News interviewed them just yesterday!  Here's a link to the Bloomberg News story  

So, in the coming days, look for us on  We plan to knock your socks off all over again! 


Its a tasting at Whole Foods Market, Andover Massachusetts this Sunday!

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I'm so excited to share that I will be in Andover Massachusetts at the Whole Foods Market sharing samples of Cape Whoopies Gourmet Whoopie Pies this Sunday March 16th from 11:00am to 3:00pm!  Whole Foods Market in Andover will be carrying DULCE DE LECHE (vanilla cake with caramel cream), MARYLOUS FAV (chocolate cake with peanut butter cream), THE MAINE-IAC (chocolate cake with vanilla cream), SALTED CARAMEL (chocolate cake with sea salt and caramel cream), and TALL DARK AND HANDSOME (chocolate cake with almond cream)!  I'm hoping you'll come and sample some gourmet whoopie pies with me! This is my first Whole Foods store outside Maine and I'm so excited to make new friends!  Please come by and meet me!