St. Patrick's Day ~

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Every year at this time we start thinking about all the luck of the Irish...all the fun that sits just outside the box and get togethers with friends and family remembering all the best things in life!  It's St. Patrick's Day and here, at Cape Whoopies we never let an excuse for a party or fun go by without making it special!  We like to call out some of our best flavors just for the occasion...we like to celebrate with all our favorites!  So, here they are, our St. Patrick's Day flavors, ready for your party or just for fun...

MINT DREAM   chocolate cakes with the most exotic green peppermint cream filling

RED RIOT   red velvet cakes with raspberry jam and coconut cream filling

BROMANCE   chocolate chip cakes with vanilla cream filling

IRISH CAR BOMB   chocolate cakes that have been painted with Guiness and filled with Baileys Irish Cream

You can order them all mont long so order now, then again for a party on St. Patrick's Day and send some to a friend, too!  It's all about fun and deliciousness and we're here to help!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Valentines Day!

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Its that time, where we make sure that we send out love to everyone we care about.... this year we're making sure your Cape Whoopies will convey your message, perfectly!  We're putting together the most delicious combination of flavors for our Feb. 14 big gift!  It's BRITT'S FAV (chocolate/chocolate), VELVETY RED (red velvet/vanilla), DARK STRAWBERRY (chocolate/strawberry), and our new flavor combination; CRAZY NUT JOB (walnut/Frangelico {hazelnut}) So, every box goes out with 3 of each flavor!  Its a flavor extravaganza for your love gift!  And, to top it all off, every box goes out covered in hearts and packed with all the love we can possibly squeeze in...we know you want to say, "I LOVE YOU" and we're with you...this is one delicious LOVE-FEST!

We'll help you say Happy Valentines Day to all your loved ones!

We're sending out Christmas Cheer!

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We've had an amazing year, topped off with a wonderful holiday season and all we want to do is say, THANK YOU, to all our friends, family and fans who have helped us, all year long!  It's this time of year when we actually STOP and take some time to just sit down, and talk to each hold the baby, to help in the kitchen, to visit a enjoy the moment, whether its about the delicious food, the music, the lights and decorations or the children giggling...its all just wonderful!  

One of the most important thoughts, this year, is that its not about the money, or the things...its about the pure intention of just wanting to give something to those we care about.  It's about renewing our connections and staying in touch.  So, here at Cape Whoopies, we want to send out 'Thank You's', and 'We love you's' all around town.  You have made our year spectacular and we want to let you know how deeply we appreciate YOU!

We promise you, we love what we do and we do what we love...we'll be working hard to make 2015 even better!

Good news, bad news...

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We've got some news... we're partnering with so all our orders will go through their store, rather than ours.  When you decide what you want to buy just hit the "CLICK TO SHIP" powered by Goldbely icon at the top of the page! This won't change a thing in terms of the delicious treats but the service will be even better!  Goldbely has a wonderful concierge service so if you want to add some other yumminess to your whoopie pie order, you sure can get that accomplished!!  And, now, your shipping is FREE to you!  The bad news is that our price had to increase.  We're sorry, we know that stinks but its still a bargain to get the best whoopie pies on the market with FREE shipping anywhere in the U.S.!  And, Goldbely is always working on more stuff for the buck...we may be able to ship worldwide, at some point in the future, thanks to them!

So, to all our friends, family and fans, get ready to get your whoopie on...and be able to ship FREE anywhere in the U.S.


You need not shop till you drop...

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We're here just for you, this Christmas season!  We know how busy you are, getting it all done.  You've got to decorate the house, put up the tree, write all those Christmas cards... so, we have an idea for about we do your shopping?  All we need is a list with addresses and we'll take it from there!  We'll send everyone a dozen delicious gourmet whoopie pies that will make them swoon!  Its the perfect gift that's good for anyone and everyone!  From the littlest child to the elders in the family, everyone will love them and come back for more!  They are also really great to have for your Christmas parties, too!  Just drop me an email at :

and I'll personally handle your list!  I'll even make sure each gift goes out with a card with your personal greeting!  You can't beat that!

I'm waiting to make your Christmas the most delicious one, ever!


Whoopie, it's Christmastime, again!

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We have to say goodbye to all our Fall Favorites...they're amazing, we agree, but they've had their day in the sun!  Now its time to turn toward Christmas and enjoy the ride!

It's our favorite time of year!  We love all the fun that comes along with it!  Here, at Cape Whoopies, we're all children at heart!  We love thinking about Santa bringing our favorite treats...and these whoopie pie flavors are right at the top of our list!!!  We love candy canes and chocolate, we go crazy for eggnog and our red velvet with raspberry jam and vanilla is the best thing we've ever tasted!  We hope you feel the same way!

If you're a child at heart this Christmas collection is for YOU!

This was the week that was!

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We've had a giant week with three big events, and we just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone along the way.  

First we joined the Substitutes for a battle of the bands.  The Subs are a hip vintage rock and roll band that is making its way to a huge following by playing great songs from the 60's and 70's.  They had decided that if they won the final round of the battle of the bands at Bentley's in Arundel, Maine, they wanted "Whoopie Time" which is a crazy yummy and fun time of tossing whoopie pies out to their fans.  So, we joined them and of course they won...and "Whoopie Time" was more fun than we had ever expected!  What a frenzy!

Then, one of our favorite events, Harvest on the Harbor Grand Tasting was up.  Its an upscale tasting of the most amazing food combinations along with wines, beers and spirits.  There were seared scallops with cucumber, liver pate studded with black and tan sesame seeds with a dollop of puree of fig, crab cakes with a mustard sauce, there was even chicken on a waffle with a balsamic glaze. All of the best chefs were there making delicious flavor combinations, Gorgeous Gelato was there, Coffee by Design was there and of course we were was a delicious night!

Our final event was PumpkinFest at LLBean.  We were invited to be part of the food, at the event, by Whole Foods Market. PumpkinFest is a big fundraiser for Camp Sunshine.  There were games for kids, pumpkin carving, bands playing great music and great foods.  We had so much fun meeting whoopie pie fans and hearing their comments after eating our Drunken Punkin whoopie pies.

We just want to thank everyone along the way for letting us be part of one giant fun week!  We wouldn't have missed it for the world! 

It's the most delicious week of the year!

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Every year when the leaves start to turn color and the temps start to drop, our fancy turns to richer means its autumn and you know what that means, its time for Harvest on the Harbor!  HOTH is the big foodie event in Portland, Maine where all the top chefs pull out all their best ideas and add that to the most amazing fresh ingredients and it makes for a week of full on deliciousness.  People come from all over the world to witness this much yum in one place!  If you want more information on the whole affair here's a link to sort it out.

Or you can just run headlong to the Grand Tasting which is on Thursday October 23rd from 6:00-8:00pm at the Portland Ocean Gateway cause we'll be there, handing out Drunken Punkin and Maine-iac Cape Whoopies!  I feel certain you'll have an amazing time and come away with a big smile on your face!  It's all about yummy food and beer and wine!

But, If you just want to watch the Grand Tasting fun, follow us on Twitter  "Marcia Wiggins @CapeWhoopie " I'll be live tweeting all night long!  I promise to show you everything from set up to tear down and everything in between!  I'm going to do some tasting, myself, too!

After all, It is the most delicious week of the year!


Delicious gourmet whoopie pies from Maine

We're on Instagram!

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We love being on Facebook and Twitter and use them regularly!  We love to post what we're doing and where we'll be, we even love to live tweet so people can dash over and catch up with us!  But, now we're on Instagram! @capewhoopies is our tag, so you can find us. Think of it...we'll be showing you, up close and personal, photos of what we're doing...cutting right to the chase!  It doesn't get any better than that!  So, join us!  We can't wait to share our photos with YOU, too!

Here's a peek into the our world to get you started....  these are our favorite friends in the whoopie kitchen... and I wouldn't show these to just anyone!

whoopie kitchen equipment

 Check us out on never know what we'll share!

We're #TopTaters!

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While on twitter the other day I noticed a tweet about potatoes.  As you can imagine, an Irish girl like me was all over it!  I tweeted right back that I love potatoes!  Before you know it I was knee deep in a tweet conversation about baking with potatoes and before you know it I was saying that I would love to come up with a recipe for chocolate whoopie pies made with potatoes.  Since I love to bake and be creative this seemed like it was right up my alley!  Happily within hours I had chocolate cakes, made with mashed potatoes, cooling on the racks.  I must admit they are absolutely rich, moist and delicious!  I couldn't wait to tweet back to my new friends that I had had success in the whoopie kitchen and that I had made the first ever chocolate whoopie pies made with potatoes.  As I tweeted my news I found that there was a contest to name the #TopTater for recipes made with potatoes.  All I had to do was take a photo of my creation and upload it to the United States Potato Board.  Hey, I'm game, off I went, uploading the photo and popping in my name.  Within days we were notified that we were the weekly winner of the #TopTater contest!  Whoopie!  The prize is $100 and we are thrilled to accept our honor!  All I can say is, when someone asks you to think outside the box and be creative, never ever say no!

Today our creativity was rewarded and in the days to come we will offer our new potato whoopie pies to our customers, here, on our web site!  No reason our customers can't share in the fun!  TWISTED TATER on the way!