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We're sponsoring Mack Perry and Agony in the Garden

June 09, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

In the course of being in business you bump into people everyday.  Sometimes your encounter teaches you how amazing people can be.  Sometimes it teaches you about generosity and being grateful.  And when that happens, its time to make a statement, to step out and highlight what you've learned, so today Cape Whoopies is proud to sponsor Mack Perry and his awesome music, Agony in the Garden.  Mack is an amazingly talented guy!  He writes all his own music and then plays all the parts, painstakingly layering the music, track by track to make it perfect.  So, you can see his talent is not only in music but in the technical art of putting that very music together.  His music is Alternative rock-Indie and is very popular on Reverbnation.  Take a listen!  Mack has just been endorsed by WT Foster Guitars, which is quite an honor.  He will be doing all their tutorial videos!  He's also putting together a band of equally talented guys for going on tour.  So, stand by for hearing a lot more about Mack Perry!

We are very proud to sponsor Mack Perry and his music.  Our greatest pride comes in calling him, friend.  Join me in our salute to Mack's talent and body of work!  In celebration of his work and our sponsorship we have dedicated a flavor just to Mack... MACK's RasPERRY Red Velvet!  Give it a try in his honor!


Father's Day

May 19, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

You know Dad, the guy who's always there to save the day.  He knows when you need something special and he always arrives, right on time, with the best stuff!  So, we want to give him some amazingness that will show him just how much we care!  

We've come up with the most delicious flavors to show Dad that he's our hero!!! We've got a dozen of the best gourmet whoopie pies on the planet!  This pack is three of each of the following flavors!

RED RIOT, a red velvet cake with seedless raspberry jam and coconut cream filling

TALL DARK AND HANDSOME, a rich dark chocolate cake filled with chunky crunchy almond cream

BROMANCE, a chocolate chip cake packed with chips and filled with our signature vanilla cream

SOUTHERN COMFORT, a maple cake that's chock full of bacon bits and filled with bourbon cream

Yep, you heard us right, we've added a brand new flavor, just for Dad, he's our hero, after's the least we could do!

So, show Dad what he means to you, make sure he knows he's your hero...give him Cape Whoopies, he'll love you for it!  YOU'RE his hero, too, you know!

assortment of whoopie pies

St. Patrick's Day ~

March 01, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Every year at this time we start thinking about all the luck of the Irish...all the fun that sits just outside the box and get togethers with friends and family remembering all the best things in life!  It's St. Patrick's Day and here, at Cape Whoopies we never let an excuse for a party or fun go by without making it special!  We like to call out some of our best flavors just for the occasion...we like to celebrate with all our favorites!  So, here they are, our St. Patrick's Day flavors, ready for your party or just for fun...

MINT DREAM   chocolate cakes with the most exotic green peppermint cream filling

RED RIOT   red velvet cakes with raspberry jam and coconut cream filling

BROMANCE   chocolate chip cakes with vanilla cream filling

IRISH CAR BOMB   chocolate cakes that have been painted with Guiness and filled with Baileys Irish Cream

You can order them all mont long so order now, then again for a party on St. Patrick's Day and send some to a friend, too!  It's all about fun and deliciousness and we're here to help!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!