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And the name for our giant mixer is....

October 10, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

It's taken longer than we thought to make up our minds, but finally, and after much discussion....we have a name for our huge new mixer!  Her name is, drum roll, please, BIG BERTHA!  She's big, she's a brute, she jumps in with gusto and does her job, she just needed a big giant name to match her abilities!  So, happily we're calling her BIG BERTHA and we plan to make as many whoopie pies as we possibly can, with her!  

She has a new friend,'ll love him, as well!  He's all about keeping our cakes chilled as can be so they are fresh when you receive them!

So, BIG BERTHA, meet FAST COOL FREDIE, he's your new best friend!



Now, don't forget to vote for Cape Whoopies in Intuit's SMALL BUSINESS BIG GAME competition...we sure would LOVE to see whoopie pies at the SUPER BOWL!

We're growing and working hard!

September 27, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

We are working hard to get votes for our Small Business Big Game competition (Please vote for us everyday ) but at the same time we are growing and getting better at what we do.  This week we added a new beast to help us get our yummy little pies out to you.  She can quadruple the batch we were making before!  We just couldn't help ourselves and we had to share her story with you!  Here she is, the new giant mixer that has come to live in our kitchen:


Here in our kitchen everything has a name...we get really personal with all our equipment and treat them like family members.  After all, we're asking so much of them, they help us make the best little whoopie pies in the world!  So, this sweet beast needs a name!  If you give us the name that we ultimately select, guess what we'll do....?  You're right, a dozen whoopie pies out the door to you!  You must live in the continental US but other than that, the sky's the limit!  Well, we have to give this girl a name within the next week...she's feeling left out without a name, so there's a limit on the timeframe.  Please be as creative as you can...we LOVE creativity!

So, Blanche?, Mabel? Killer? Wonder Woman?  Whats it gonna be?  It's totally up to you!  Let the games begin (right after you vote, of course!)