You Mocha Me Crazy

Chocolate Cakes With Kahlua Cream 

Our chocolate cakes are deep and rich! The butter and cream cheese are the perfect back up singers for the main event, the Bensdorp chocolate. How can anything be so rich and buttery AND chocolaty you ask? Because we fill these babies with as much flavor as they can carry so that it makes it all the way to you as you bite into it!

Our Kahlua cream is sweet and rich with a giant kiss of Kahlua. It’s unmistakable from the fist bite. The combination of rich butter chocolate cake and the tantalizing backdrop of Kahlua are sure to WOW you! How do we get a liquior to become a cream and stay inside our cakes? That’s our little secret. Your job is to sit back, relax and enjoy. This is going to be a ride to remember!